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When we started Simurgh Centre, it was right after the epidemic and we wanted to reach to the Afghan refugee community and bring their culture to life throught art.
So we started the Afghan Voices campaign on social media.
The Afghan Voices was an audio tapestry of voices of the Afghan community itself in Delhi.
This audio documentary brings together their stories and music, memories and everyday routines, in one rich symphony.
We put together 35 stories during a period of 17 days through art and music, collaborated with many artists and musicians.
It was one step into becoming a cultural space for collaborations and conversations between the Afghan, Indian and German artists.
This project has been very close to my heart and after working for the Simurgh Centre on their various campaigns I have realised how art can really impact culture and give back to the society.

Simurgh Centre is an initiative by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi.
Follow their instagram and show some love.


Watch the audio series on the link below

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